Heatless Lazy Hairstyles Every Girl Needs!

Here are 3 heatless lazy hairstyles you can do in your most indolent days. As a treat, RachhLoves shows how to make an everyday side braid look, and voluminous casual pony. You won’t even need any technical skills in braiding because the styles are very simple, quick and easy to do. Just perfect for all the lazies!

The second hairstyle is an elegant pony, which would take about 3 minutes to do. This hairstyle is easy yet fashionable, and suitable for casual wears, date nights, meetings, etc.

Laziness is part of life but it doesn’t mean we should set aside looking gorgeous. There are ways to make the ends meet! It is possible to be lazy and to stay dazzling. With few easy steps, getting a good look in the laziest days is not far from reality. We scoured the web for the best solutions, and what we found did not disappoint us.

Here are 3 heatless lazy hairstryles  that work best for the intensely lazy but fab peeps!

Enjoy this video from MakeupWearables Hairstyles!

Heatless Lazy Hairstyles

Cute and easy side braids

Heatless Lazy Hairstyles

Easy and posh ponytail technique

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above