Astonishing 30 Heatless Hairstyles Every Girl Should Try!

Do you feel like you running out of hair ideas? It’s not surprising because we all do! For the season change, while everyone’s busy booking for summer vacations, others seek for hair ideas. We found an amazing video for those who fancy the latter. This video from C0OK1EMONSTER shows 30 heatless hairstyles that every girl should try! Yes, 30 heatless hairstyle ideas that you would definitely love!

These 30 heatlesss hairstyles are very easy to create. However, some of them need to use a certain hair tool. Also, some of the styles need a couple of materials to achieve. But the materials are very easy to find in stores, so nothing to worry! Each hair trick would surely leave every girl looking fresh during the hot and humid days of summer and spring!

Enjoy this video from C0OK1EMONSTER!

heatless hairstyles

These side twists can also be done manually

heatless hairstyles

A high bun that’s perfect for the hot weather!

heatless hairstyles

Quick and easy crown for every girl of any age!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above