A Special Look for Special Occasions, the Half Up Lace Braids!

The Half Up Lace Braids from Missy Sue is stunning and incredibly easy to create. The hairstyle used only bobby pins and elastic bands to achieve, which is quite surprising! You may also give your hair some gorgeous curls for the hair’s body and texture, as well to have a much fancier appeal. The Half Up Lace Braids is a versatile hairstyle that can be created for formal, fancy, and casual events.

According to Missy Sue, she wanted to put a spin on the Half up French Braids from last year’s summer series. She thought half up braids are so girly and feminine but with a bohemian vibe that she fancies! Actually, this version incorporates three kinds of braids because it starts as a regular braids, goes into a french braid, and finishes as a lace braid. Missy Sue wanted a cascading effect but without the difficulty of a waterfall so she really pulled it loose at the end.

Watch the video and try this wonderful look for your special days! Enjoy the tutorial from Missy Sue!

Half Up Lace Braids

Don’t forget the loose braids that make it majestic!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above