Easy Yet One-of-a-kind Hair Net Hairstyle!

In this hair tutorial Lilith Moon will show you step by step how to create a cute braided hair net hairstyle that will complete your fairy tale creature costume for Halloween if you plan to be a princess, fairy, goddess, mermaid, angel or elf. It can be also used to decorate formal updos, down dos and half up half down hairstyles for special events.

To do it one is preferred to begin with a damp or wet hair. Tangles are easier to avoid when braiding wet hair. Also, the outcome will look crisp and neater if done with a wet hair. To successfully create a hair net hairstyle, one should follow the steps very carefully, especially, the first part. The first steps are the hardest, therefore invest more patience on that phase.

Enjoy this video from Lilith Moon!

Hair net hairstyle

Hair net hairstyle is unique, and comfy, too!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above