Popular Grunge Hairdos for the Cool Girls!

The grunge style had become fad once again. From clothing to hairstyles, the spirit of the former era is dissipating in today’s modern age. It’s quite ironic, actually, because this popular grunge hairdos from the 90’s is now classified as a hipster trend of today. Nonetheless, more and more people are starting to embrace many grunge hairdos once more. Maybe that is also why these grunge hairstyles are trending among young girls.

This video tutorial from Crystal Lindy teaches 8 grunge hairdos. Beauty and fashion enthusiasts would surely love these grunge hairstyles from Crystal Lindy that are all easy and quick to do! All of these hairdos that are inspired from the 90’s looks are simple, fun, and creative. The styles are beginning to be famous again because it is easy to do, too!

Watch the video from Crystal Lindy to learn the simple tricks! Enjoy!

grunge hairdos

Simple side braids to ponytail is an easy and hip grunge look

grunge hairdos

High pig tails just like a 90’s grunge look

grunge hairdos

Familiar hairstyle, because yes, Gwen Stefani loved this grunge look, too

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above