Gorgeous Hairstyles for Active Days

Working-out should never be the reason to forget about your hair. During working-out is actually the time you need to fix your hair, and make sure it stays in the right place. Simple hair ties could not handle your hair when you jog or do strenuous movements. That is why work-out hairstyles are necessary. Hairs could be a total nuisance when you’re moving in a continuous motion. Therefore for work-out sessions, you should tie up your hair firmly while also making sure you still look gorgeous.

We have 5 work-out hairstyles that you can choose from. These hairstyles would surely keep your hair in place, away from your face or eyes, saving you from total annoyance. These styles, too, would keep you looking fresh and neat despite of your sweat glands on double time. You can even choose among these hair tricks depending on the work-out that you do. Whether you’ll be lifting weights, taking a dash, or jogging around your favorite park, each hair fits different exercises. Follow these simple, easy and quick steps to fix your hair properly during work-outs.

work out hair Braided up-do, perfect hair when jogging.

work out hair Braided side pony tail is a cute choice when hitting the gym.

work out hair

Jasmine braid can be seen to some weight-lifting chicks.

work out hair French braid is an adorable hairstyle when you’re about to box.

work out hair

Braided pig tails can be also wore during runs.


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above.