Stand out in Formal Events with Fishtail Topsy Tail Pony!

According to Missy Sue, this Fishtail Topsy Tail Pony will look perfect for… well tomorrow! It is such a show stopper that it is literally so great for whatever your day has in store. Missy Sue is actually personally obsessed with these types of styles lately and love how easy they are to change up just slightly to create an entirely different hairstyle. Switch out the fishtail braids for regular braids and add in a few extra topsy tails and you’ve got another great look for any day!

Fishtail Topsy Tail Pony is easy in every way! Missy Sue added texture to hair using hairspray before braiding. Also, the Fishtail Topsy Tail Pony can be done on straight, and layered hair, too! This hairstyle is perfect as an everyday hairstyle, and can also be worn for fancy events such as beach weddings. Turn it into a more formal hair by adding a few flower accessories to it to make it super glam!

Enjoy this video from Missy Sue!

Fishtail Topsy Tail Pony

Amazing formal braid that will turn any girl into a stunnner

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above