Learn how this Fishtail Illusion Braid hairstyle is made, so easily!

Fishtail Illusion Braid is a stunning hairstyle that is pretty versatile, too. You can wear it anywhere, at any occasion, and with any dress. What is surprising about Fishtail Illusion Braid is it is incredibly easy to do!

Fishtail Illusion Braid is done with 2 side fishtail braids that is pinned together with bobby pins. Eventually, you will create a double braid which looks like a thick single braid. If you examine closely, you will notice a reverse fishtail (or Dutch fishtail) running down the middle to create the illusion! This creation is a spin off of the “Illusion braid ponytail” which is also known online as a “mermaid braid” (named by the lovely Bebexo.)

Fishtail Illusion Braid

Double fish braid that looks like a single, thick fancy braid!

Fishtail Illusion Braid

It is best worn in casual days that is contrasting to its fancy look

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above