Stand-Out With the Fishtail French Braid Bun!

Missy Sue had once again created a wonderful braid that is versatile and stunning. It’s called the Fishtail French Braid that every girl can wear in occasion she attends.

The Fishtail French Braid Bun is actually a two french braided fishtail braids wrapped together to create a braided bun. It is similar to Braid 10-Double Waterfall Braids Fishtail Bun but a little fancier than the Fishtail Bun Updo.

The best way to tackle the braid though is simply practicing over and over again. How Missy Sue invented the style is when one day she stopped at the store, then she decided to sit in the car with her dog so he wouldn’t get too hot. Missy Sue decided it would be the perfect opportunity to practice some fishtail french braiding, and then pretty soon she had the idea for the hairstyle.

Enjoy this video tutorial from Missy Sue!

Fishtail French Braid

A wonderful braiding technique that would take anyone’s breath away

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above