Effortless Way to Make Deceiving Fake Bangs

We all have love-hate relationship with bangs. Sometimes we like bangs like it is necessary to living, and when we already have it, we regret having every inch of its existence. Maybe it’s because bangs are fashionable for most times, but becomes annoying and uncomfortable when it blocks our sight. If only there’s a way to have bangs only when we feel we like it, and grow it back to its former length instantaneously.

Guess what? We just found the most amazing way to have bangs and let go of it anytime we like! This trick will not involve any cutting or trimming. All you’ll need are hairspray and bobby pins! How amazing is that! However, this hairstyle is only applicable to medium to long hair lengths.

Check out how to create fake bangs that in super easy steps!

2016-01-20 17_33_07-Faux Bangs _ No Hairpiece, No Scissors - YouTube

Could anyone tell it’s fake? We doubt it!

Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above