Easy Twisted Hairstyles for All Events!

Rope braids and twists are the hottest hair trend for Spring so I thought featuring three unique styles that incorporate the technique would be perfect. These twisted styles are great for everyday and a little easier than regular braids so they will save you time in the morning before school or work. Double win!

These Easy Twisted Hairstyles from Missy Sue can be worn in fancy and formal occasions. Tons of stylists are now using the twist styles to brides, bridesmaids, and maids of honor. The mentioned styles are usually seen in prom nights, too! Maybe because they are easy to do, yet the result just stunning.

Its twists and turns result to astounding elegance resembling to a fairytale princess look. Because of its grandeur, many people thought it is complicated to do. What some don’t know is it has extremely simple steps.

Check out how easy this style is from the tutorial from Missy Sue!

Easy Twisted Hairstyles

Casual look that is easy and gorgeous

Easy Twisted Hairstyles

Comfortable and elegant look for formal and casual events

Easy Twisted Hairstyles

Quick twist style that is versatile, too!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above