Easy Quick-fix Hair for the Lazies!

Girls get lazy, too. Fixing hair and applying make-up before work or school is definitely time and energy consuming. There are times girls just want to get up from bed, hit the shower, get dressed and go out, just like any men do, but it will surely feel weird. It is because ladies love to look good. Women are made that way.

Most of the females can never even step outside without making sure they look pleasing. But sometimes laziness just wins over the need to look oh-so-fine. That is why there are days when some girls suddenly look different. And it is different in a bad way. They look different because they look worn.

Good thing, there are thousands of beauty hacks that we can now find in the web. No matter how lazy these girls feel, these beauty hacks need minutely minimal time and effort to pull-off. Just like these lazy girl hairstyles that can be done in just less than 3 minutes!

Lazy hairstyle Side braids can be done as fast as 2 minutes with only bobby pins as material

Lazy hairstyle Quick half-up half-down that you can do in just a matter of seconds!

Lazy hairstyle

Messy low bun looks ever gorgeous yet very easy to do

Lazy hairstyle

Side braids and a messy low bun for an outgoing and fun look! Wouldn’t take more than 5 mins of your time

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above