Easy Festival Hairstyles Every Cool Girl Would Love!

Music festivals have begun! Meaning, you should also have prepared festival hairstyles for the upcoming events! Don’t worry, clothesencounters will help you with that! For this summer, she has created 3 Easy Festival Hairstyles for the festivals. From a cool girl to a wild one, each hairstyle sure is easy, fast and effortless!

The hair accessories for the looks can vary. It doesn’t have to be the exact same embellishments, as long as it has a Boho- or gypsy-like vibe, it could be the one! For summer festivals, you should also have this beachy vibe, so don’t forget to add texture to hair. You can do that by either curling the hair, using salt-spray or applying dry shampoo. The important and main trick is to use flashy hair ornaments, and you can pull-off the looks!

Check out this inspiring video from clothesencounters!

Easy Festival Hairstyles

Look cool with this double side braid!

Easy Festival Hairstyles

Messy and carefree look, like a wild child on the street!

Easy Festival Hairstyles

Add your most favorite head accessory for a Boho look

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above