Stunning Easy Braided Updo for Weddings

Today’s beautiful, yet simple style was inspired by a hairstyle from Instagram posted by @Pronovias during their Pronovias Fashion Show.  While their picture didn’t show the finished style or views from other angles, Babes in Hairland really liked the direction the hairstyle was going.

Babes in Hairland’s version of this Easy Braided Updo is a bit different. They added another braid (at least that’s what Babes in Hairland thought since you will not see the other side of her hair in the picture on IG) and fastened the hair in the center a bit differently, along with off-setting the bun, but Babes in Hairland surely loved how Easy Braided Updo turned out!

Check out this tutorial from Babes in Hairland!

Easy Braided Updo

Intricate details that is unique and stupefying

All images are captured scrrenshots from the Youtube video above