Easiest Way to Create a Sexy Ponytail!

Ponytails are powerful. How we do our ponytails can either make us look like an exhausted mom or a ravishing hottie on its way to NYFW. That is why it is important to do our ponytails right because there are times there’s just no other hairstyles that will suit the errand (i.e. strenuous war). Just like how the saying goes, you know girls are about to get serious when they ponytail. So we better know how to do our ponytails gorgeously.

This tutorial uncovers the easiest and most accurate way to create the perfect, sexy ponytail. The steps are incredibly easy, too! This is not your typical ponytail, rather, it is a messy updo that would make you look like you were too lazy to prepare, but effortlessly have still turned out to be a total hottie!

Learn this amazing trick rom Imogen ~ Foxy Locks!

2016-01-20 16_37_58-Perfect Messy Ponytail - YouTube

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Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above