Attention-drawing Dutch Fishtail Ponytail!

The Dutch Fishtail Ponytail from Missy Sue is incredibly easy to create that used only bobby pins and elastic bands to achieve! You may also give your hair some gorgeous curls for the hair’s body and texture, as well to have a much fancier appeal. The Dutch Fishtail Ponytail is a versatile hairstyle that can be created for formal, fancy, and casual events.

What we found is this video from Missy Sue that exposes the tips to a unique and definitely attention-drawing ponytail. The first tip shows how to make the accent braids, and the second tip shows how to give the ponytail a more voluminous effect. Butterfly clips is a great help to make the ponytail look thicker any hairstyle. Might as well carry one with you everywhere you go to spice up a simple ponytail!

Watch this amazing video tutorial from Missy Sue!

Dutch Fishtail Ponytail

Creative details that are truly magnificent

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above