Cute Double Dutch Lace Braids for All Hair Length!

Soon, it will be┬áback-to-school season again, and today we wanted to show you a very easy, yet beautiful hairstyle using Bailey’s Dutch Lace Braids! She showed you how to make one several months ago.

For this hairstyle Double Dutch Lace Braids, CHG used two Dutch lace braids that are then tied back “under” the hair in the back. This gives the braids a hidden look, without the hassle of bobby pins sticking out.

This style would also look good for casual parties, and hang outs with friends. It’s so easy to do, and certainly a quick trick to look cute in an instant!

Check out this awesome tutorial from CGH!

Double Dutch Lace Braids

Cute hairstyle for every girl!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above