Stunning Details of Double Braid Updo for Formal Events

Based on Missy Sue, updos are so fun to wear on special occasions. They instantly glam up your look and help you feel more dressed up than on a typical night out. This hairstyle has a little extra oomph because it features two braids draped over the other to make it seem a little more intricate. Missy Sue thought hairstylists will love seeing how it is broken down into steps to achieve. Also, Missy Sue loves seeing a hairstyle come together!

The Double Braid Updo is the Braided Bun on steroids; the one that makes it into the Olympics and sneaks off with the gold medal while the judges are still trying to figure out what its title even means. This hairstyle is highly noticeably-creative, and the type of hair that you would want if you want to stand out among the crowd.

Double Braid Updo is actually a whole lot easier to do than it looks, but don’t worry because Missy Sue got a video tutorial for this baby!

Double Braid Updo

Stunning details perfect for formal wears

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above