Cobra Braid Side to Create a Unique Ponytail!

This past week, CGH were in Missouri on vacation {where they lived before moving to UT}, and CHG’s Mindy’s son went over to a friends house to play. When his son came home, he had a bracelet woven by one of the boys that had tied it during a boy scout project.

It reminded her of the “boondoggles” that were tied by the supporting actress in the Napoleon Dynamite movie, and something similar that she used to tie when she was younger. If it can be done on a boondoggle, then it can be done in a braid… right? This is what Mindy thought.

This braid Cobra Braid Side has some tricky stranding, which is the only reason why they labeled it with “Medium” skill level. Once you get it down, it really goes quite fast!

Enjoy this easy and very fun tutorial from CGH!

Cobra Braid Side

Hair accent that can be done to a ponytail

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above