Outshine Everyone With These Coachella Inspired Hairstyles

Coachella! We heard it’s happening sometime in Springtime! Missy Sue knew that edgy, bohemian hairstyles have been all the rage recently, hence she’s now completely obsessed.

That’s why Missy Sue wanted to create a video that featured an assortment of Coachella Inspired Hairstyles that are a little more boss than your typical ‘do. Missy Sue thinks you could definitely wear these as everyday hairstyles anyways!

The hair accessories for the Coachella Inspired Hairstyles can vary. It doesn’t have to be the exact same embellishments, as long as it has a Boho- or gypsy-like vibe, it could be the one! For summer festivals, you should also have this beachy vibe, so don’t forget to add texture to hair. You can do that by either curling the hair, using salt-spray or applying dry shampoo. The important and main trick is to use flashy hair ornaments, and you can pull-off the looks!

Check out this inspiring video from Missy Sue!

Coachella Inspired Hairstyles

Girly and artsy look just perfect for music fests

Coachella Inspired Hairstyles

Simple braid accents can make magnificent change!

Coachella Inspired Hairstyles

Comfortable, elegant and unique for Coachella

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above