Check-out the Easy Classic Bridal Updo that Never Fades!

Girls know this: when we look at bridal pictures in magazines, Pinterest, and other medias, we often imagine our own wedding day. EmJustLikeYou, the creator of this Classic Bridal Updo, always looks for the perfect hair and makeup look for her own day. She has also wondered what would look best for certain necklines for the special day’s dress. What EmJustLikeYou thought is that this classic hairstyle for weddings will work best on anyone in any wedding dress of choice.

This fancy hair might look complicated, but EmJustLikeYou can assure it is a lot easier than it looks once you break down the steps! The Classic Bridal Updo isn’t only for the Brides, but as well as for the wedding guests, too! Actually, it can be worn in any formal occasions. Girls will definitely look classy in it!

Enjoy this tutorial from EmJustLikeYou!

Classic Bridal Updo

Classic style will always be a winner

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above