Cheat Sheet to Easy Waterfall Braid!

Waterfall braid is quite a challenge, we must say. But we are still willing to try because its beauty is worthy of each sweat. What if, it is possible to create magnificent waterfall braid without having to endure any struggle?

This tutorial from Kayley Melissa is the key to stunning faux waterfall braid. If the usual steps to creating waterfall braid is confusing for you (which is true for most of us), this hack can be called a blessing. In this tutorial, you will need to curl your hair, some twists, and you’re good to go! What’s impressive about waterfall braids is it fits any season and occasion, whether in formal or casual gatherings. It also gives a dream-like, princess fantasy look, too!

Check out how easy these steps are. Just carefully follow the procedure, and you’re good to unlocking the waterfall braids! Enjoy!

2016-01-20 17_42_33-The Easiest Waterfall Braid + Perfect Beach Curls - YouTube

Magnificent curls and twists are truly captivating

2016-01-20 17_43_13-The Easiest Waterfall Braid + Perfect Beach Curls - YouTube

Looks neat in front view, too!


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above