Active Girls Would Love Chain Link Braid

This Chain Link Braid from Cute Girls Hairstyles was created several years ago. However, the old version has been updated with a new twist technique, and with a combo!

This hairstyle is perfect for girls who are active. Suits perfect for dancing, tumbling, and cheering; Chain Link Braid is right for those who are looking for tighter hairstyles that will keep the hair away from the face.

Cute Girls Hairstyles called it Chain Link Braid because of the way the hair is twisted. The technique in twisting makes the hairstyle look like a thick chain.

This hairstyle is perfect for any active sports, such as cheer, dance, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, etc, or for simple casual wear. The style is also unbelievably easy to recreate once you learn the twisting patterns!

Enjoy this video tutorial from Girls Hairstyles!

Chain Link Braid

Tight hairstyle for the active days

Chain Link Braid

Stylish way to keep it neat and comfy

Chain Link Braid

Fast and easy to create, too!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above