For the Next Season of GOT, Here’s Cersei Lannister Hair as a Treat!

Game of Thrones fans would surely love this hairstyle! Believe it or not, this version of Cersei Lannister Hair is more do-able than it looks! If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, and your favorite character is a Lannister, why not try the Cersei Lannister Hair, since the next season is about to begin!


Kayley Melissa love Game of Thrones hairstyles! Even though she doesn’t watch the show, Kayley Melissais has been always a fan of the characters’ hair. Cersei Lannister’s hair at the purple wedding was everything! As the queen of the Seven Kingdoms, she always wore lavish hairstyles, and this technique from Kayley Melissa is so far the best we found!

Enjoy the video from Kayley Melissa!

cersei lannister hair

Do you remember the scenes of Cersei lannister where she wore this hair?

cersei lannister hair

If you have super fancy occasions to attend, you can use this hairstyle, too!

Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above