Cute and Quick Casual Boho Hairstyles for Daily Errands!

This tutorial from Kristen Leo shows how to create cute and casual Boho hairstyles that every girl can wear in daily errands. Now that Bohemian lifestyle is on trend, this video would surely deliver bliss to fashion buffs. Despite of the recent arguments about Bohemianism with skeptics asking if it is really a lifestyle or had become a fad, many people still embrace the Boho lifestyle even without knowing what it really means.

Nevertheless, Boho style is certainly impressive due to its combination of simplicity, art and chaos. It has eccentricity in its beauty, that is strange yet ravishing.

Besides, these hair ideas from Kristen Leo are definitely adorable and quick to create. These hairdos are perfect disguise for greasy tops, as well as encore for the days you’re running out of hairstyles.

If you’re interested about the Boho style of living these hairstyles from Kristen Leo will surely please to your taste!

casual boho hairstyles

Boxer braids to standard side braids looks definitely cute!

casual boho hairstyles

Easy different Boho braids looks gorgeous!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above