Underrated Braiding Tricks You Surely Want to Try

These braiding tricks from Roxxsaurus won’t need iron or curlers. Just a small amount of time, and a bit of patience in following the steps, and you’re done, you’re ready to anywhere! These hairdos are surely easy and fast to do. It is almost unbelievable to think that we can actually attain adorable looks without spending too much time for it! There are techniques that could turn us glamorous, and these tricks from Roxxsaurus surely are a few of those! Get ready and prepare your bobby pins, elastic bands and your favorite hair spray, here are underrated braiding tricks to fix your hair when you’re running late!

Enjoy this video tutorial from Roxxsaurus!

Braiding tricks

Ponytail and rope twists is a fantastic combo!

Braiding tricks

Basic French braid and low bun has been always the thang! Since the post-classical era, if you may ask

Braiding tricks

Crown braid, AKA, the savior of no wash hair

Images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above