Easy Braided Upstyle for Different Events

This Braided Upstyle looks easier than it seems. This kind of hairstyles are perfect in times you’re still feeling sleepy so you decide to take few more minutes of doze. And because more sleep consequences to lesser time to prepare, most likely you will have to skip the shower.

Braided Upstyle takes only 5-10 minutes to create. It will make you save more than an hour for preparation if you usually lock up yourself in the bathroom like a hermit Jedi. Braided Upstyle is also stunner, a rightly cover to deceive workmates, schoolmates, or people you’ll bump unto in the bus or train to make you look like you actually took time to prepare. This hairstyle is a definite winner as it wouldn’t need tons of hair products to pull-off. Just bobby pins, a headband, and hairspray, and you’re all set! However, this hairstyle is not the solution to forget the shower for months. It is still advised to hit the shower every once in a while, at least once in two weeks.

Check out this tutorial from Confessions of a Hairstylist!

Braided Upstyle

Braided Upstyle that is surely a stunner

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above