Acquire Instant Elegance Using the Braided Crown

This crown braid tutorial is one of Abby Smith’s absolute favorites! This hairstyle won’t need any extensions, which is a very nice plus!  If you  have extra long hair just wrap the tail all the way around like a headband and tuck it behind the braid on the other side.  If your hair isn’t so long, watch the video to see how Abby Smith easily hidden the tail and meshed the braids together!

This Braided Crown looks slick. It is versatile, too! You can wear this hairstyle in any occasion. Whether for formal or casual days, this hair is perfect! It is comfy, too, that suits the hot weather of summer. Check out how Abby magnificently pulls off the style in very easy ways, and with a few materials.

Enjoy the awesome vid from Abby Smith!

Braided Crown

Gorgeous locks and braids that are truly stunning

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above