Boho Look for Short Hair: Is it Possible? This Video Will Teach You How!

Who said short hair cannot achieve a boho look? This hairstyle tutorial proves that boho look can be also done with short hair. It easy and quick to do, too! This hairstyle is so simple that you wouldn’t even need tons of hair products. It may have somewhat messy style, but this hairdo gives utmost comfort especially during the hot days.

Short or medium-haired would surely love this hair trick, as it gives the option for short hair to lift their hair up. It can also be worn during formal occasions that can be done in as fast as 5 minutes! This hairstyle is also a good idea when running late, because it is fast to do and can cover a greasy hair when you have to skip the shower.

Check out how to do this cute braids for short hair!


Cute and easy braid short hair girls can do in no sweat! 


Back part of braid simply done


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above