Be a Trend-setter! Learn How to Do 5 Strand Braid

After the fishtail braid, what’s heading now to the braiding trend is what they call the 5-strand braid. This type of braid produces big, bulky hairstyle that we love without the need to tease or any type of hair volumizing product. 5 strand hair looks elegant and fancy, too.

This style of braid may look complicated but it is actually as simple as the standard 3 strand braid. A lot of hairstyling enthusiasts love this kind of hair because there’s nothing like it. It needs minimal efforts and less products to achieve, and within just few minutes, the outcome is ravishing! You can wear 5 strand braids almost anywhere and anytime. It can be worn during fancy and formal occasions, as well as during casual days or as you hit the gym.

Be one of pioneer trend-setters and learn how to do the 5 strand braid!

2016-01-15 17_52_01-How To_ Five (5) Strand Braid - YouTube

Look how fab the 5 strand braid is! Surely, anywhere you go girls would ask you how you did your hair


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above