Learn Basic Braiding and Become a Pro!

How many of you struggle with the basic braids?  From what we heard, it’s quite a few who get confuse of the twists and turns of braiding.  This video from Abby Smith explains the four basic braids that will help you achieve any kind of hairstyle!

What’s awesome with this tutorials is you can practice braiding while doing other stuff. When your fingers just move on your own, that’s when you know you’re ready to move onto some harder styles!

The difference on where and when to put the strands is the key to achieve varying types of braids. Regular french braids are done by braiding the outer sections over the middle section. Dutch french braids are done by braiding the outer strands under the middle section. While, a lace braid is when you only add new sections of hair into one of the sides.

Check out this really helpful tutorial from Abby Smith!

basic braiding

French braid is the braid under the hair

basic braiding

Dutch braid is a known braiding technique that you can recreate in numerous ways

basic braiding

Notice the difference between Dutch and French braid

basic braiding

Once you learn the basics, you can now become creative in mixing different kinds of braid

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above