The Best Bad Hair Day Hairstyles!

For the days our hair doesn’t seem to cooperate, these Bad Hair Day Hairstyles is will surely save the day! However, girls get lazy, too. There are times that girls just want to get up from bed, hit the shower, get dressed and go out, just like any men do; but it will surely feel weird! It is because ladies love to look good. Women are made that way.

Therefore, if bad hair days and lazy days collab, these hair tricks from Stella Cini are the best weapons that a girl could use. Each style is very easy to create, and incredibly fast to nail, too! From braids to buns and hairstyles using a headband, Stella Cini created each style wisely and creatively to win over laziness and a bad hair day.

Watch this awesome video from Stella Cini!

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles Basic French braiding will never fade 

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

The easiest and fastest way to create a classy bun

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

Use hair accessories such as headbands to give life to a dull hair

Bad Hair Day Hairstyles

5 strand braid will always look stunning

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above