This 5-strand Braid Took Over the Tumblr World!

The 5-strand braid conquered the Tumblr feeds just as summer arrived! Probably because it’s a unique way of braiding that has big locks, which makes it a stunner. Many girls doubt trying this hair because they thought it is impossible to learn, when in fact even a five-year-old kid can do it!

This style of braiding may look complicated but it is actually as simple as the standard 3 strand braid. Let SweetHearts Hair Design show you how it can be done in less than 5 minutes; for sure you’ll be amazed!

The 5-strand braid needs only a few products to achieve. Within just a few minutes, you can finish creating the look with an outcome that’s definitely ravishing! You can wear this 5-strand braid during fancy and formal occasions, as well as during casual days or as you hit the gym.

Learn the 5-strand braid, and join the trend! Enjoy this video from  SweetHearts Hair Design.

 five-strand braid

5-strand braid’s think locks is what make it stunning!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above