3D Flower Updo

This 3D Flower Updo uses a 3D Dutch braid into a 3D Braided Flower bun. This updo is perfect for girls and women for a beautiful style that pops!

The new up-do hairstyle is actually been gaining popularity among girls. 3D Flower Updo is being loved by more and more hairstyle fanatics because of its charm and classy style. That is the same reason why Hair By Lori hair created an easy-to-follow procedure of how to create the look!

This video from Hair By Lori hair shows how 3D Flower Updo can be done using only a few materials. However, if you desire to look a lot fancier, you’d have to use other hair products such as hairspray and curling iron to complete the look. What’s more stunning about this braid is that its volume and texture are both definitely one of a kind.

Enjoy this video from  Hair By Lori!

3D Flower Updo

Classy and neat look, perfect for formal wears

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above