Unique 1 Minute Hairstyle for Summer

It’s nice to have emergency hairstyle ideas when running late; like hairstyles that can be done in as fast as 1 minute! Also, hairstyles that can be created when we have to skip the shower, and hairstyles that we can use to conceal the greasiness of hair because we just feel too lazy. These kinds of hairstyles are necessary, don’t you agree?

In this tutorial from Zum Zum, she taught an utterly stunning hairstyle that we can do in times we are running out of time. These hairstyle is incredibly easy and quick to do, with an outcome that doesn’t look like we were in a hurry. Zum Zum uncovers the ways to this unique 1 minute hairstyle that is perfect for the hot weather. This hairdo suits different events and attire, which is a great plus!

Check out this amazing video tutorial that will teach you how to cheat time!

1 minute hairstyle

Beautiful style that no one would know was done in a minute!

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above