1 Minute Bandana Hairstyles for Summer!

This video from Cute Girls Hairstyles shows several different ways to wear bandana hairstyles, each taking less than one minute to do! There are dozens more you can do, too!

Cute Girls Hairstyles envision lots of girls trying out this look, especially because the simple bandana accessory really can make a typical outfit look adorable!

Cute Girls Hairstyles came up with gorgeous 1 Minute Bandana Hairstyles that are perfect for the change of season. Each hairstyle surely is comfortable. It will also suit the clothes we wear for summer and spring. Most of the hairstyle use elastics and Bobby pins to keep the hair away from face. Some of it shows how to lift hair in a creative and cute way, which girls need especially during summer.

To create this hair tricks, you’ll just need a brush, rat-tail comb, curling wand, heat protectant, spray bottle, 1 bandana hair elastics, hairspray (if desired).


1 minute bandana hairstyles

Easy and quick fix for tops perfect for hot days!
1 minute bandana hairstyles

Make the bandana look a bit more girly with hair down

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above